Why Many Previous Cigarette Smokers Now Buy Juul Pods

Cigarette smoking has decreased dramatically, mostly due to its link with health problems. At the same time, several companies have introduced e-cigarettes that allow smokers to have a smoking experience without inhaling dangerous tobacco smoke. However, the practice, known as vaping, has its own drawbacks and doesn’t appeal to everyone. With that in mind, the Juul company has created a device that simulates smoking but uses a safer process.

Devices Are Not E-Cigarettes

At first glance, it is easy to mistake a Juul device for an e-cigarette. It is roughly the length of a cigar but flat and rectangular, not round. In fact, it has a sleek, high-tech look. Created with smokers in mind, each unit consists of a device and a pod that provides the flavor. The devices were created specifically to make it easier to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. Each device has a regulated heating element. There is no flame or combustion. Whether users take deep or shallow puffs, the vapor remains at the ideal temperature.

Clients Can Buy A Variety of Flavors

In addition to its improved design and safety, a Juul device offers variety. Clients can Buy Juul Pods online, at the company’s website. It is easy to find a device kit and range of pods at very reasonable prices. Pods are available in flavors designed to appeal to smokers. They include Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Mango, and Cool Cucumber. Shoppers who want to enjoy familiar tastes can opt for Classic Tobacco and Classic Menthol. The company also offers Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, and a flavor multipack. Online buyers are even given a chance to subscribe and save 15% on purchases.

Sellers Are Popping Up Around the U.S.

Another reason previous cigarette smokers are choosing Juul devices is the fact they are also sold at authorized retailers. An ever-growing number of stores offer the products, which are carefully regulated to avoid sales to minors. Due to laws regulating the industry, some states do not have the stores and products cannot be shipped to them. However, it is easy to find devices and pods in shops everywhere else in the U.S., and the company website includes a helpful store locator.

With the demand for cigarette alternatives growing, the Juul Company has developed a new device that works with a pod. It creates vapor without using combustion and clients can choose from a range of flavors.