Why Are Scrubs So Popular Today?

Scrubs. Today they are synonymous to the hospital experience. Everywhere the eye can see, someone is wearing a pair of scrubs in a medical setting. Often times, it is seen on everyone who participates in direct patient care, with each color signifying a different profession. However, why are they so popular today?

History of Scrubs

Before the discovery of germs, surgeons typically wore their own clothing during surgeries and reused blood stained operating tools, one patient after another. Unfortunately, many deaths occurred as there was cross contamination. Later, with the discovery of germs and bacteria, alcohol was introduced as a sterilizing agent for surgical equipment. As medical advances continued, there was an increased interest in further decreasing potential for disease spreading. This included spreading of diseases not only patient to patient, but also patient to physician. These concerns lead to the invention of personal protective gear such as gloves, and masks. Additionally, clothing became another place where germs could be hiding out.

As a result, surgeons and other operating room individuals had a specific set of clothing set aside for surgical procedures. After finding that all white, which signified cleanliness, was a strain to the eyes, another color was chosen. At the time it was green, today, surgical scrubs may be any number of solid colors. These clothes, scrubs, were able to be easily cleaned, and were distinct, easily identifying them as operating clothing.

Today’s Scrubs

Today, many people wear scrubs. It is no longer the domain of surgeons, or hospitals. Today, it is worn in doctor’s offices, veterinarian’s clinics, and dental offices. Scrubs can now be found in a variety of colors, patterns, and can be customized by scrub making companies. Material is no longer only cotton, but may be made with a variety of cloth blends, allowing it to be more comfortable for the wearer.

They are now manufactured similarly to other clothing. Scrubs are available in petite, regular, long, comfort fit, maternity, and some are even based off of television show styles. Different scrub companies have different criteria and material use. Find online at this page some scrubs for specialty sizes. They have comfort bands and materials which are easily maintained. In addition, they have some great selections of materials which stretch and others which breathe for those who overheat easily. With all these options, it is no wonder why scrubs are so popular today!