Shoes a Cut above the Rest

It is not difficult to find the latest fashions in shoes for men and women. There are multitudes of shoes stores, shoe departments, and E commerce websites dedicated to shoes. Casual, professional, classy, unique, cute, sexy, and formal are words used by marketing executives to describe shoes. Unless a line features shoes for medical staff, construction workers, and security guards, the words comfortable and supportive are rarely used.

The Importance of Comfort

Shoes that provide all-day comfort and support are more important than adults realize. Studies show that high heels and pointy toes on shoes can cause permanent damage to feet. Corns, bunions, and stress fractures are common problems caused by great looking, but uncomfortable shoes. Lack of support can cause fatigue and pain in the back, ankles, knees, and arches.

A Successful Blend

High-quality shoes that are designed to be comfortable, stylish, beautiful, and durable are actually available at affordable pricing. Alegria shoe shops, along with the website, have offered exclusive shoes that are a cut above the rest for over a decade. The latest in fashions and designs are available, along with exclusive lines made for durability and comfort. One such line, Dream Fit, utilizes an innovative combination of genuine leather and durable neoprene material.

The results are shoes in a variety of styles that are comfortable, supportive, and cool due to the neoprene that allows the foot to breathe. That reduces moisture, allows the shoe to cradle the foot rather than squish it, and increases flexibility. As with all exclusive lines, the foot beds are removable so they can be replaced. This prolongs the life of the shoe and ensures long-lasting comfort. Replacements are available online under the accessories tab on the top of the homepage.


Another aspect that is enjoyed when supportive shoes are worn is stability. Everyone has noticed women stumbling in high heels and men turning ankles while attempting to walk in cowboy boots with pointy toes and a wide chunky heel. The shoes may look fashionable, but the people moving in them look ridiculous. Shoes should not hurt, and for those who shop well, they do not hurt.